Eat clean.

Why would you believe you should feel well if you

  • smoke?
  • eat greasy, empty food?
  • eat too much?
  • don’t exercise? 

These are lifestyle choices. 

Your choices have consequences. 

If you are not aware, medicine cannot help with these consequences.  There is nothing that can overcome your freewill choice to harm your body.  A cure for cancer? A magic weight loss pill or procedure that is harmless? A cure for diabetes? heart disease?

The cure is you and your choices!

Your biochemical balance absolutely starts with what you choose to put in your body. 

Remember the house analogy?

The best house will be built from the finest materials, best workers etc…The best body will come from real food, not processed and free from chemicals and artificial ingredients; and absolutely no toxins, such as tobacco or drugs.  There is no other way, better living comes from biochemistry, NOT chemistry.

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